The Important People

  • The Important People


    After graduating with a mechanical engineering degree, Arya quickly transitioned into cybersecurity, where she now leads the security team at a location data company. When she’s not tinkering with various electronics, software, or whatever odds and ends she fancies, you’ll find her moderating a few online communities and dabbling in music, photography, and voice acting. And if you ever find yourself in a storm while out in nature, you might just catch a glimpse of her walking among the trees.

    Hector Cuevas Cruz

    Hector Cuevas Cruz is a Bishop Fox security consultant. He has more than 11 years of experience in information security where he has worked as an Offensive Security Consultant, Forensic Analyst, and Threat Hunter at some of the most renowned security companies. Hector has been a regular presenter at national conferences in Mexico since age 17. He has specialized in Red teaming, Digital Forensics, Incident Response, and ATM security assessments.

    Dr. Ang Cui

    Dr. Ang Cui is the Founder and Chief Scientist of Red Balloon Security. Dr. Cui received his PhD from Columbia University in 2015. His doctoral dissertation — “Embedded System Security: A Software-based Approach” — focused exclusively on scientific inquiries concerning the exploitation and defense of embedded systems.

    Wyatt Ford

    Wyatt Ford is a benevolent binary manipulator at Red Balloon Security.

    Juan Andres Guerrero-Saade

    We swear we have a bio for Juan.

    Dan Guido

    You absolutely know who this is.

    Harri Hursti

    Clearly, someone got lazy on the bios.

    Philippe Laulheret

    Philippe Laulheret is a Senior Security Researcher on the Trellix vulnerability research team with Trellix’s Threat Labs. With a focus on Reverse Engineering and Vulnerability Research, Philippe uses his background in Embedded Security and Software Engineering to poke at complex systems and get them behave in interesting ways. In his spare time, Philippe enjoys playing CTFs, immersing himself in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and exploring the realm of Creative Coding.

    Philippe holds a MSc in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and a MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Supélec (France).

    Constantine Nicolaidis

    Constantine has been leading custom software development teams since 1996 with a strong emphasis on data-driven development methodologies. Over the last decade he has become focused on developing tools for OSSINT investigators and information security practitioners using Human-Computer Interaction best practices.

    Ryan Petrich

    Ryan Petrich is an SVP at a financial services company and was previously chief technology officer at Capsule8. Their current research focuses on using systems in unexpected ways for optimum performance and subterfuge. Their work spans designing developer tooling, developing popular and foundational jailbreak tweaks, architecting resilient distributed systems, and experimenting with compilers, state replication, and frustrating instruction sets.

    Grant Seltzer Richman

    Grant is a software engineer on the open source team at Aqua. He primarily works on eBPF code for the Tracee project, and regularly contributes to libbpf. Outside of software development, he very much enjoys riding his bike and will be competing in the upcoming edition of the Tour de France.

    Ian Roos

    Ian is a serial summercon presenter, shitpost artificer, pwnie awards organizer, and general bad actor in the wild.

    Kelly Shortridge

    Kelly Shortridge is a Senior Principal Product Technologist at Fastly. Kelly is co-author with Aaron Rinehart of Security Chaos Engineering (O’Reilly Media) and is an expert in resilience-based strategies for systems defense. Their research on applying behavioral economics and DevOps principles to information security has rustled considerable jimmies among the infosec status quo but also has been featured in top industry publications and presented at conferences globally, including Black Hat USA, O’Reilly Velocity Conference, and Zero Nights.

    Phillip Tennen

    Phillip Tennen is a security research engineer at Data Theorem and card-carrying operating systems nerd. His areas of interest include automated binary analysis, binary file formats, and building low-level systems. Building on top of his foundation as an iOS tweak developer, he plays a key role in Data Theorem’s automated app analysis pipeline. He enjoys the piano and all varieties of dexterity games.

    Philippe holds a MSc in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and a MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Supélec (France).

    Thomas Wilson

    Thomas Wilson is a senior security consultant at Bishop Fox and a musician. He is a jack-of-some-trades and a master of fewer, but he has been living in the land of computers since the era of the Macintosh II, so he can type without looking. When he isn’t hacking phones and IOT devices, you’ll likely find Thomas DJ-ing house music or playing Final Fantasy XIV.

    William Woodruff

    William Woodruff is a Senior Security Engineer at Trail of Bits, a New York-based cybersecurity consultancy. On the professional side, William works on static and dynamic program analysis within LLVM, as well as on open-source supply chain security in the Python packaging ecosystem. As a hobbyist, he maintains a variety of Rust, Ruby, Python and C/C++ tools and blogs about subjects he finds interesting at