Welcome to Summercon.ORG

Summercon is happy to be coming back to New York City! Keep checking back for news and updates. Sorry for the delay but we're trying to create a whole new experience in 2013!


Registration is LIVE!


The venue deal is almost done (we're doing Manhattan this year!) so we figured we would open up registration. Looking to be a great year.

Unfortunately redpantz was lazy and didn't get enough sponsorship money lined up to make the conference free, but we think that it will be well worth the $52.00 entry fee. If you don't agree ask redpantz for compensation.

We also added a Corporate Supporter rate. If you're coming in for this conference on your company's dime, we ask that you at least consider paying the corporate rate. Especially if you're planning on using Summercon as a recruiting opportunity. Nobody's going to hassle you, but we'd appreciate it tremendously—Summercon is expensive to run.
After May 16th, 2013, ticket prices will go up to $100.00

Titanium sponsor Announced.

April 28th, 2013

We'd like to announce IOActive as our first, and only, Titanium sponsor of Summercon 2013! This is the second year that IOActive has been a sponsor and greatly facilitates a robust experience for the attendees and especially the speakers. A special thank you to everyone at IOActive from the Summercon crew.

First round of speakers selected

April 12th, 2013

We have selected the first round of speakers. Please see the Schedule and Speakers pages for more info.

!Important information!

April 3rd, 2013

We proudly announce our newest, and last, training with Travis Goodspeed (@travisgoodspeed). It will focus on Wireless Embedded Systems. Please see the Training page for more details.

!Important information!

April 2nd, 2013

With a classy venue comes some classy regulations. Although the spirit of Summercon will go unchanged, there will be some differences from past cons.

  1. The venue has a strict 'no outside beverage' policy. As much as we love them, no more brining in 40oz of freedom.
  2. The venue will be requiring ID from attendees. Since it has a bar (which will be serving MANY drinks) and we wanted to welcome our under 21 participants, we will require to give wrist bands to the drinkers. Sorry, but we felt that we'd rather ID everyone and include all who wanted to attend than restrict the event to the 21+ crowd.
  3. Lastly, most IMPORTANT, we cannot sell tickets at the door. Therefore ALL passes to Summercon 2013 MUST be acquired via Eventbrite. Please see the Conference page for more info.

Venue Procured!!!

March 29th, 2013

Good news everybody! We have officially secured a venue for Summercon 2013! We will be hosting this year's conference at the wonderful 404 Event Space in Hell's Kitchen. As St. Christopher once said: "We went from ashy, to classy". We hope to see everyone there!

New Speaker Experience

March 24th, 2013

Looking to switch things up, compounded with last year's hotel debacle, has inspired us to create new ways to enhance a speaker's experience. This year, instead of hotel rooms, we'll be renting 2 large apartments to house the speakers, Real World style. We will be having a Capture the Flag (CTF) competition with real flags. Remember, this isn't digital larceny, it is REAL larceny. The ALPHA house will be pitted against the OMEGA house, each attempting to steal the other's flag to win a special Summercon prize!

Secondly we have always found it unfair to pay for out-of-towner's travel while neglecting to compensate local talent. This year, we will provide each speaker (or speaking group) $1000.00 USD to offset travel costs. You want to fly first class? Go ahead. You want to hitch hike and spend all the money on booze? Be our guest. We figure by giving the speakers money ahead of time, it covers travel costs while providing a self-controlled honorarium.

We hope everyone will be happy with this new experience. We're planning like mad men to make Summercon 2013 the best Summercon yet!

Trainings are complete

March 21st, 2013

Hi everyone. We're happy to inform you that we're in the final stages of finalizing the TRAINING (hi @snare) programs for Summercon 2013. I'm sorry for everyone who submitted training proposals, but we already had a few lined up. Feel free to submit to the CFP. We should have announcements coming sometime next week (Monday or Tues) regarding the training programs and the venue. Stay tuned!

The Ruler's Back!

March 1st, 2013

We've finally paid our AOL service fees and are back online! We hope everyone likes the new site. The CFP will go live here March 4 and close May 1. Keep coming back for more information. We'll be updating the site a lot in coming days. Soon to come:

  • CFP (March 4)

  • Registration (Pending our sponsorship money). We hope to have this planned out by March 8th.

  • Trainings: Trainings will be taking place Mon-Thurs (Or Tues-Thurs) Keep checking back for more information.

  • Venue: We're still looking for a special venue for this year.