SummerCON 2011: June 10-12

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CFP is Now Open

March 13, 2011

We're officially accepting submissions! Please see the Presentations page for more information.

Yes, Summercon 2011 Will Be in New York

March 12, 2011

Planning for the world's drunkest con has begun in earnest. Mark your calendars for June 10 - 12, 2011, when Summercon 2011 busticates its way into the Big Apple. Redpantz has been yelling "DRIIIIIIINK" at Shmeck for over seven straight hours, so you can imagine how much beer those two have spilled on the server. Hopefully they'll have an update on the venue sometime really soon.

Preregister for Summercon

March 15, 2011

To better serve the Summercon community, we've decided to permit preregistration through Eventbrite. You can visit the Eventbrite page, or use the handy form below. Don't get any crazy ideas about this being some kind of carefully organized security con. We'll continue to honor our proud tradition of last minute disorganized mania.

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