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Summercon is happy to be back to New York City for yet another year! Keep checking back for news and updates. Sorry for the delay but we're extremely lazy ;).


Last of speakers announced

May 7th, 2014

We made some more hard decisions! Two more speakers accounced

bNull | drraid: [Scorched Earth: Attacking Office Telecommunications for Petty Vengeance]: bNull + Raid + NYNEx == Summercon talk

Nick Sullivan: [Exploiting Randomness: Fun Attacks Using a Compromised Random Number Generator]: We're hoping this will help explain why we should reset our Cisco router settings.

Xeno Kovah: [SENTER Sandman]: Because proving people wrong is fun.

Marcin Wielgoszewski: [A Tale of Reversing the Android-based Snow2 HUD]: Who doesn't want to hack their ski/snowboarding goggles!?

Second round of speakers announced

April 15th, 2014

We made some more hard decisions! Two more speakers accounced

Julien Vanegue: [The Automated Exploitation Grand Challenge]: Julien brings some credibility to Summercon as a well spoken Frenchmen. Additionally, any talk that will get Halvar tweeting is good by us.

Ben Agre: [Choose your own Cryptographic Adventure]: Every flip cup team needs a solid anchor. Ben is Summercon's official anchor. Not only are the kids talking about the encryption these days, but a 'Choose your Own Adventure' talk has always been on our wish list.

First speakers announced

April 8th, 2014

We're pleased to announce our first two speakers for Summercon 2014! We'd also like to note why we selected these speakers.

Aloria: [The Agony and the Ecstasy of .NET Application Exploitation]: We feel that there are not enough attack-based .NET talks. This was an easy one for us.

Michael Coppola: [Performing Open Heart Surgery on a Furby] Michael has shown that he is willing to talk about his failures along with his success. Also, who doesn't want to hear about hacking up a Furby?

...And we're off!

March 17th, 2014

It took quite a while, but we've bailed summercon.org out of internet jail. (Thanks Dan!). Luckily during that period we've opened up the CFP and acquired a venue. Send in those papers and keep checking the site.

  • CFP: Opens today! (March 17th) and closes May 5th. See CFP page.

  • Registration: $100.00 USD per person. We figured the price was near perfect to ensure that if you register, you show up.

  • Venue: YOTEL New York [map]