The Important People

Aloria [@aloria]

Aloria has "officially" worked in Information Security since 2003, in everything from startups to government organizations to finance. She is currently an Information Security Officer at a financial company and reads a lot of source code.

Michael Coppola [@mncoppola]

Michael Coppola is a vulnerability researcher working at a defense contractor, as well as an undergraduate student at Northeastern University. His main interests include Linux kernel exploitation and rootkit development, embedded systems, and burning things with a soldering iron.

Ben Agre [@SecureTips]

Ben does a mix of crypto, large scale system architecture and design. In the past Ben has done reverse engineering, vulnerability research, and evaluation of cryptographic systems.

Julien Vanegue [@jvanegue]

Julien Vanegue is a security expert from New York with substantial interests in vulnerabilities, exploits, reverse engineering and program analysis. He's been around for 15 years and wrote a bunch of cool stuffs listed on . These days, Julien has crypto for breakfast.

Nick Sullivan [@grittygrease]

Nick leads the security engineering team at CloudFlare where he is working to build a better and more secure Internet. He is a respected security expert and digital rights management pioneer, having built many of the content security mechanisms forv Appleā€™s multi-billion dollar iTunes store. He previously worked as a security analyst worked at Symantec analyzing large scale threat data. He holds an MSc in Cryptography and a BMath in Pure Mathematics and is the author of over a dozen computer security patents.

drraid [@drraid]

Despite being an advanced-stage sellout swimming in a sea of denial, drraid still enjoys code auditing by monocle, in his rocking chair, while eating oatmeal and watching Matlock. In between naps and scintillating rounds of Bingo, raid finds a grand time in heap gardening and arranging stack contents into beautiful memory bouquets. He is both greatly honored, and excited, to be presenting at Summercon again.

bNull [@bNull]

bNull is a product of the vulnerability-industrial complex, slaving away in non-union bug mines to grind out Nice Reports. Ageless and undying, he is able to sustain the illusion of youth only by drinking the tears of developers. His girlfriend assures him that he is too big to fail

Xeno Kovah [@XenoKovah]

Xeno Kovah is a Lead InfoSec Engineer at The MITRE Corporation, a non-profit company that runs 6 federally funded research and development centers (FFRDCs) as well as manages CVE. He is the team lead for the BIOS Analysis for Detection of Advanced System Subversion project. On the predecessor project, Checkmate, he investigated kernel/userspace memory integrity verification & timing-based attestation. Both projects have a special emphasis on how to make it so that the measurement agent can't just be made to lie by an attacker. Xeno is also the founder and leading contributor to

Marcin Wielgoszewski[@marcinw]

Marcin is a senior security consultant at Matasano Security. His last name is very hard to say.

redpantz [@nudehaberdasher]

Redpantz is some guy who can barely get his act together enough to get this conference semi-functional. Email him if you need anything.

Mark Trumpbour [@mtrumpbour]

Mark Trumpbour began his interest in computer security growing up in a hacker commune on the Jersey Shore in the early Eighties. His first real computer was an Atari 800 that he and his many brothers used to explore the frontiers of cyberspace, not that they called it cyberspace back then. Ever the digital pioneer, Mark was suspended from his high school for connecting a computer lab to the Internet - at a time when the World Wide Web did not yet exist and FTP was considered a wonder of the modern world. (To this day, he ignores requests from the high school alumni office.) Mark's association with Summercon began in 1998 as an attempt to rekindle the creative spirit of hacking, and to demonstrate that hacking can be a socially responsible activity. Mark works in Brooklyn for Graphient, a software development startup that builds tools to generate dynamic visual timelines. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and an extremely lazy greyhound.