Welcome to Summercon.ORG

Summercon is one of the oldest hacker conventions, and the longest running such conference in America. It helped set a precedent for more modern “cons” such as H.O.P.E. and DEF CON, although it has remained smaller and more personal. Summercon has been hosted in cities such as Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Atlanta, New York, Washington, D.C., Austin, Las Vegas, and Amsterdam.



    Day 2 is underway, so if you missed the tweet, check out the live stream here:


    Hi all! You can connect to the YouTube Live webinar here:

  • Pre-registration Party

    The traditional Summercon pre-registration is once again at Canal Bar, Thursday night from 7pm-10pm.

    Get your wristbands, T-shirts, and swag; see your friends, throw a shoe; whatever. We’ll see you at Canal – 270 3rd Ave # A, Brooklyn, NY 11215.

  • Speakers, mostly

    Most of our speaker biographies are now posted here. Some of our speaker biographies are either state secrets or will become available shortly. We’ll update this post when we’ve got ’em all.

  • Schedule Posted

    We posted a schedule a few days ago, but people couldn’t find the link, up there, where it says “Schedule.” Anyway, here’s the schedule.