The Important People

Mark Trumpbour [@mtrumpbour]

Mark Trumpbour began his interest in computer security growing up in a hacker commune on the Jersey Shore in the early Eighties. His first real computer was an Atari 800 that he and his many brothers used to explore the frontiers of cyberspace, not that they called it cyberspace back then. Ever the digital pioneer, Mark was suspended from his high school for connecting a computer lab to the Internet - at a time when the World Wide Web did not yet exist and FTP was considered a wonder of the modern world. (To this day, he ignores requests from the high school alumni office.) Mark's association with Summercon began in 1998 as an attempt to rekindle the creative spirit of hacking, and to demonstrate that hacking can be a socially responsible activity. Mark works in Brooklyn for Graphient, a software development startup that builds tools to generate dynamic visual timelines. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and an extremely lazy greyhound.


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